What’s Fishy About Your Tomatoes? The Genetically Modified Food Controversy

November 1st, 2003

Saturday Special Event

David GeorgisDirector of the Colorado Genetic Engineering Action Network (COGEAN)Bill MelvinBoulder Institute of SustainabilitySuzanne Wuerthele, Ph.D., EPAHost: Barry Erdman

About the Presentation

Human genes in pigs? Rat genes in lettuce? Pharmaceuticals in corn? Fish genes in tomatoes?

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) refers to a process of manipulating the genetic structure of one organism using genes from a completely unrelated organism; a crossing that would not naturally occur in nature. What are the consequences of GMOs on our health, the environment, sustainability, and our economy? How do GMO’s impact small scale farmers around the world? How do they cause hunger and inequality? How is this technology being forced down our throats with little or no regulation, without choice?

This program will bring us up to date on the issues and problems facing our food supply with respect to GMOs, and focus on sustainability, co-creating the best possible food supply for an ever-growing population recognizing the interconnectedness of all. Rather than attempting to manipulate, dominate and control nature we must recognize that only through working in harmony with nature and all involved can we create sustainability.

The presenters, Suzanne Wuerthelle, David Georgis and Bill Melvin are informed experts with these issues. Suzanne will introduce GMOs, risk assessments and ethical questions associated with GMOs. Dave will follow up with a discussion of local and global implications of GMOs and of the food industry in general, discussing biodiversity, impacts on local economies and local farmers worldwide, and the corporate control of our food supply. Bill Melvin will follow with what the future holds in sustainability, and why sustainable/organic agriculture is the best solution.

There will be time to join together in discussion, with questions and answers as well as comment from all present.

A non-GMO lunch provided by WholeFoods willl follow the presentations from noon to 1pm.

About the Presenters

David Georgis, Director of the Colorado Genetic Engineering Action Network (COGEAN), a non profit organization dedicated to educating the people of Colorado about the impacts of genetic engineering on our health, the environment, sustainability, and our economy. Dave has been active on food issues since 1988. His recent experiences in Cancun at the 5th WTO Ministerial meeting helped him to make the connection between genetic engineering of foods and globalization. Dave will describe how the three main elements of the biotech strategy are coming together as planned under the auspices of the WTO.

Bill Melvin is a graduate of the University of Colorado’s School of Environmental Design in Boulder. Presently he is co-owner of Ecoscape Environmental Design, a small landscape design and consultation company specializing in Permaculture design and native landscapes. He is also co-founder and Executive Director for BIOS, the Boulder Institute of Sustainability working to promote sustainable living practices in our community. He is an adjunct faculty member at Boulder’s Naropa University. And as an environmental activist Bill works to promote the preservation of our agricultural heritage, educating the public on the risks of genetically engineered foods and “farmaceutical” crops in our world.

Suzanne Wuerthele, Ph.D. is a Board-Certified Toxicologist. Her Ph.D. is in Pharmacology, from Michigan State University and she has done Post-doctoral Fellowships in the Pharmacology and Anatomy Departments at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. She has a Master of Arts in Teaching Science and a BS in Biology from the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Wuerthele has worked for 19 years as Regional Toxicologist for the Region 8 office of the Environmental Protection Agency, where she supports the Pesticides, Toxics, Air and Enforcement Programs as a National Expert in Toxicology and Risk Assessment. Her enforcement support includes expert testimony on a number of federal criminal and civil cases, administrative hearings and before federal and state grand juries.

Additional Resources

Article: Poll finds 89% of U.S. consumers want GE food more strictly regulated: Confusion, ignorance about biotech food

David Georgis

Bill Melvin
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BIOS – Boulder Inst. of Sustainability
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