The Intrinsic Value of Collaboration: How Interdependency Leads to Compassion

November 19th, 2003Craig Dobkin, M.Ed.Host: Stephanie Bryan, LCSW

About the Presentation

During this session the experience will come first then the lesson. We will explore, experience and explain how certain learning situations help us learn about collaboration, interdependency and compassion. After some initial assessment activities we will develop team and individual learning experiences. This session will be entertaining and enlightening with the most current research and theory to draw from. Play for Peace is an international non-profit which brings children, youth and organizations together in order to create peaceful communities. Presently PFP is in 12 regions around the world helping the make life a little better for our communities. PFP will be a model for our session.

About the Presenter

Craig Dobkin

Peace Corps Volunteer – Papua New Guinea

Michael Stratton Award – Association for Experiential Education

Kurt Hahn Address – to a person who has contributed to the development and advancement of experiential education

Educator – elementary through university for 25 years

E-town Achievement Award

Created two manuals on experiential learning

Additional Resources

Craig H. Dobkin
510 Pine Street, Gold Hill
Boulder CO 80302
[email protected]
720 317-3167

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