Interface Community Dialogue: “Dire Overwhelm” – How do we ever find balance?

October 15th, 2003Robert Caplan, Ph.D.

About the Presentation

Since 9/11 we have been bombarded with dramatic news of overwhelming impact regarding terrorism, grief, war, and other unpopular policies of power regarding world politics, national economics, constitutional rights, the environment… the list of national and global fear grows bigger everyday. How do each of us react, respond, defend or ignore what’s going on around us? How do each of us attempt to deal with feelings of despair, helplessness, powerlessness, fear, or the uncertainties of the present and future world we live in? Will we ever experience blissful times ahead?

Robert Caplan, a past presenter for Interface and regular member will facilitate a group dialogue where each of us can have the opportunity to become a “guest presenter” on this topic by sharing our own thoughts and experiences about how we may or may not find balance with it all. At the same time, we may become better acquainted with others in our Interface community.

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