Letting It Be: Mindful Lessons In Acceptance

June 15th, 2016

NOTE: This Session Only!
We will meet in Classroom 2
1st floor, east hallway


Lisa Templeton, Ph.D.Host: Barry Erdman

About The Presentation

This presentation is about learning to accept immense difficulties in one’s life.  With the use of mindfulness, there are many tools to guide us in letting go of what is not serving us in our lives.  To be mindful means to really be.  Dr. Lisa Templeton, a local Cognitive-Behavioral Psychologist, will review a variety of ways to “be” in the world that allow for more fluidity, flexibility and openness in our lives.  The presentation will discuss learning how to be wherever you are, to be with love, spirit, God and/or The Divine, to be with joy and gratitude, to be caring and compassionate with yourself, as well as to be with your thoughts and your emotions. The presenter will also share some difficult experiences in her life and how she continues to learn to let it be.  The presentation is taken from Dr. Lisa’s book with the same title, which is in the process of becoming published.

About the Presenter

Dr. Lisa Templeton Ph.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist who runs and owns “The Interpersonal Healing Clinic”, a clinic based on mindfulness and educating the community about various therapeutic issues.  She finished her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology in 2003 with a focus on mindfulness cognitive-behavioral therapy counseling individuals throughout the lifespan, as well as couples, parents and families.  She also has taught as an adjunct professor at several Universities in the Colorado area including Naropa and CCU.  She is very creative as she is an author, working on publishing a book, a musician who plays the guitar and writes her own music, as well as a poet weaving dynamics of the psychological and spiritual into meaning.

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