Bridging Soma & Soul: Treating Trauma from the Perspective of Wholeness

July 20th, 2016Katie Asmus, MA, LPC, BMP Somatic and Nature-based therapist, Founder Namaste Healing Arts, Adjunct faculty Naropa University in Wilderness and Somatic Counseling, Faculty Prescott College, EMDR trainer Maiberger InstituteSweigh Emily Spilkin, PhD (cand.), MA, CHT Soul-centered Somatic Based psychotherapist and Soul-guide, Founder of Thresholds Healing, Writer, Thresholds to Awakening Radio Founder and Host Host: Kris Abrams

About The Presentation

Trauma forces us to confront our mortality and brings us face-to-face with some of the most fundamental questions at the heart of the human journey. It often brings emotional and physical pain along with a grappling for understanding. Many who experience trauma fail to emerge intact. But trauma also carries with it the potential for growth, spiritual expansion, and a fuller experience of being human.

For those on a soul-centered path, healing from trauma can be about more than returning to baseline, it can also offer the integration of hidden soul gifts and deep transformation. In this talk, Sweigh and Katie will explore a soul-centered approach to healing trauma rooted in neurobiology, somatics, spiritual interventions, and the new science of Post Traumatic Growth. Topics covered will include how to view trauma from a somatic and soul-centered lens and how to treat trauma from the perspective of wholeness.

About the Presenters

Katie Asmus, MA, LPC, BMP describes her work as “bringing forth the innate wisdom within every-BODY, and opening people’s minds and hearts to greater possibilities.” Founder of Namaste Healing Arts, Katie practices as a somatic and wilderness psychotherapist, life coach, educator, mentor and workshop facilitator. Katie focused her graduate thesis on body-centered modalities for working with trauma and has presented internationally in this field for the past 15 years. Katie trains therapists in EMDR, Soul-centered Somatic trauma work, and nature-based therapy, teaches graduate students at Naropa University, and has a private practice in Boulder, CO. For more information about Katie, visit

Sweigh Emily Spilkin, MA, CHT, PhD (cand.) is passionate about bridging soma and soul. She is the founder of Thresholds Healing, through which she offers Body-Centered Psychotherapy, Energy Healing, and workshops and classes for therapists and healers ready to heal the past and discover and embody their true nature. Sweigh’s training includes certification in Hakomi Body Centered Psychotherapy, advanced training in Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing trauma resolution, certification in Nervous System Energy Work, and certification as a Qigong healing practitioner. Sweigh is currently working on her PhD in Somatic Psychology and is doing research in the field of Post Traumatic Growth. For more information about Sweigh, visit

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