The Four Paths of Soulful Living and Grieving

July 17th, 2020

11:30am – 1:30pm

Location: The Boulder Jewish Community Center
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Robyn Hubbard, D.Min. Doctor of Ministry, Creation Spirituality Registered Psychotherapist, state of Colorado Spiritual CompanionHost: Barry Erdman

About The Presentation

This experiential presentation will introduce the four paths of Resource, Release, Renewal and Return.  These form a spiraling map of discovery through the body, heart, mind and soul that guide us through an evolutionary experience of becoming. When we fill ourselves with resource and that which strengthens and inspires us, we are much better equipped to navigate the dark and difficult parts of our lives that stir in the face of transition and loss. Moving our grief opens us up to the creative potential of renewal and the previously unimagined, and inextinguishable, spark of possibility. In turn, cultivating resilience so that we may be in greater service to ourselves, others and to the collective as a whole.

Through the portals of longing, wonder, thresholds, challenge, heartbreak, transition and loss, we cycle through this spiraling map over and over again throughout our lives. These non-linear paths bring awareness to our present experience, while guiding us through the dark forest of the unknown, opening to the light, and illuminating our ever-evolving path of meaning and service in the world. At any given time, we have the opportunity to locate ourselves within this spiraling map, turning toward awe, wonder and that which sustains us, discovering what we need to keep moving through challenge, and cultivating a deepening trust in our Self, in relationship with other and our relationship with Divine. Thus, guiding our renewable commitment in service to the greater good.
*These paths are deeply inspired by the wisdom of Matthew Fox and the Four Paths of Creation Spirituality.

About the Presenter

Robyn Hubbard, D.Min. (Doctor of Ministry) is a Spiritual Companion, Grief Counselor/Certified Compassionate Bereavement Care Counselor, Certified Dreamwork Facilitator, bodyworker and a well-resourced guide into the depths of Self where we access our jewels of transformation and soul growth. Her background includes a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy as well as deep study in many body and movement-centered disciplines such as Biosomatics, SomaSource®, Authentic Movement, and inspiration from 5Rhythms Dance®, along with a broad array of dream perspectives and Jungian study.

Her work involves spiritual inquiry that includes dialogue, body-centered awareness and movement practices, and the exploration of dream material that is symbolically represented through our sleeping and waking dreamscapes. Robyn’s broad background of inter-spiritual teachings combined with dreamwork, body-mind awareness and movement-centered exploration offers a soulful approach to self-discovery. Robyn works with individuals and groups and offer retreats and community rituals for the cultural transformation of how grief is expressed and honored in our time.

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