Storytelling: At the Root of Spirituality, Healing, Community… of Being Human!

February 17th, 2017

7:15am: Check-in, Coffee/tea
7:30-9:45am: Featured Program



Pam Faro, M.Div.StorytellerHost: Ken Thurow

About The Presentation

From personal stories to historical narratives, from cultural mythology to traditional folktales to newspaper reporting, story is how we make meaning. And storytelling – the face-to-face real-time activity, as distinct from a book or movie or other method of communicating a story – is deeply human, powerful, spiritual, and transformative. It is at once an art form pursued and excelled at by dedicated practitioners, and a basic human activity accessible to each one of us.

Pam Faro, a professional performance storyteller for 29 years and a holder of a Master of Divinity degree, has widely experienced the power of storytelling with people of all ages: in elementary school auditoriums filled with hundreds of students, as well as in small-group workshops, fringe festivals, religious retreats and worship services, conference keynotes, and more. In this participatory presentation, we’ll experience and explore a bit together the unique power of storytelling and how it is fundamental to spirituality, to healing, to community, and to being human itself. Plus, we’ll have some fun!

About the Presenter

Pam Faro, M.Div. is a Colorado oral storyteller who has performed and taught across the U.S. and overseas since 1988. Pam is a graduate of Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, and received an MDiv from Iliff School of Theology in Denver. She is also a musician and a former teacher.

Additional Resources

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