Coming In/Going Out: Celebrating One’s Life

November 20th, 2002Lucien Wulsin, 87Gerontology Dept. Faculty, Naropa UniversitySharon Rose, M.A.DiscussantHost: Chuck Gaylord

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About the Presentation

As we advance in age and become aware of our inevitable death, we can begin to celebrate our life; to invite our community to celebrate with us, as it celebrated our birth. Lucien will share some of his personal journey as part of his presentation.

About the Presenters

Lucien Wulsin, is on the Naropa University faculty in the Gerontology Department where he teaches “Working with Elders in the Creative Process”. Lucien turns 87 in September 2002.

Sharon Rose, M.A. Transpersonal Counseling, works with individuals and groups on the issues of grief, ageing, and dying.

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