Interface Program: 2000-01

September 20th 2000:
God Help Us! How Do Ministers Survive the Job?

Mark Heiss, United Methodist Clergy UT, CO, former Pastor, First United Methodist Church, Boulder

October 18th 2000:
Healing the Wounds of War: Doing Service with Healthcare, Children & Trauma in Kosovo
Christine Hibbard, Ph.D., clinical psychologist, private practice, lecturer, author

November 15th 2000:
What Judaism Can Contribute to the 21st Century
Rabbi Zalman Schacter-Shalomi, founder Jewish Renewal Movement, author of 150 articles on Jewish spiritual life; World Wisdom Chair at Naropa University

December 20th 2000:
The Contemplative Dimension of Life
Father Thomas Keating of St. Benedict’s Monastery in Snowmass, retired clergy Cistercian Order, author, founder Centering Prayer Movement.

January 17th 2001:
“Hal, Are You There?”: Practicing Theology & Therapy Online
Barry Erdman, LCSW, psychotherapy practice, computer/internet hobbyist
Rev. Ronald Roschke, Pastor Grace Lutheran Church, former American Bible Society’s New Media Translation Project member

February 21st 2001:
The Colorado Prison Industry: Public, Private – Biggest Growth Industry in the State
Senator Dorothy Rupert, 14 year Colorado legislator, former BVSD counselor & teacher

March 21st 2001:
Cults & Abusive Groups: What Are They? Do’s & Don’ts for Clinical Treatment
Leona Furnari LCSW, psychotherapist, cult recovery specialist
Roseann Henry, MA, LPC, cult educator & recovery specialist
Kim Mooney, Hospice of Boulder County, cult educator

April 18th 2001:
What’s New About Getting Old?
Rev. Bill Youngblood, retired Methodist minister and chaplain, Frasier Meadows Health Care
Lori Miller, MS, Executive Director of The Spiritual Eldering Institute.

May 16th 2001:
Intimacy & Authenticity: Public Speaking from the Heart
Mary Evitts, graduate Brennan School of Healing, healer; cofounder Stillpoint Healing and Therapy Center
Chuck Gaylord, MA, psychotherapist; cofounder Stillpoint Healing and Therapy Center