Interface Program: 1999-2000

September 15, 1999
Distinguishing Psychopathological, existential and transpersonal issues in pastoral counseling and psychotherapy
Deborah Bowman, Ph.D., and Betty Cannon, Ph.D., Boulder Psychotherapy Institute

October 20, 1999
The Soul Of Education: Nourishing Spiritual Development in Secular Schools
Rachael Kessler, Director, Institute for Social and Emotional Learning

November 17, 1999
Teaching self awareness in the corporate world: CPR for the Work Place
Kathy Kelley, President, Keystone West, Inc.

December 15, 1999: Chanting
Discovering Spirit and Sound
Robert Gass, Ph.D., Psychologist, Author

January 19, 2000
Controlling the end of our lives: A Panel Discussion
John Hess, Associate Pastor of Congregational Care, First Presbyterian Church, Boulder
Christine Hibbard, Ph.D., Critical Psychology, Co-founder, Family Medical Center of Louisville
David Hibbard, M.D., Family Practice, Co-founder, Family Medical Center of Louisville
Will Reller, M.Div., M.A., Chaplain, Boulder Community Hospital

February 16, 2000
Sustainability: Problems and Possible Solutions and Life in the Early 21st Century
A. R. (Pete) Palmer, Ph.D., Chairman, Critical Issues Committee, Geological Society of America

March 15, 2000
It starts here: Supporting Healthy Youth Development in Our Community
Bill de la Cruz, Member, Boulder Valley School Board

April 19, 2000
The Spring of Plenty: A Talk About Prosperity
Cindy Leveque, Assistant Minister, Unity Church

May 17, 2000
When Corporations rule the world
Roger Dreyfus, M.D., Psychiatrist