Interface Program: 1998-99

September 16, 1998
The Love and Logic Parent
Stephanie Bryan, LCSW, CACIII
Mary Floyd, Whittier Elementary School Parent

October 21, 1998
Eating disorders and spirituality: The Spiritual Journey
Jackie Bay, RN, MA, LPC
Jackie Szablewski, MTS, CACIII

November 18, 1998
Family Celebrations and rituals
Reggie Gray, LCSW

December 16, 1998
How we do and don’t care for ourselves
Discussion facilitated by: Laurie Branch, LPC, CACIII
Bob Sheldon, Interim Pastor, United Presbyterian Church of Broomfield

January 20, 1999
Death: The Final Frontier
Claire Sheridan, BSN, MSW
Jean Scott, M.Div., Chaplain, Hospice

February 17, 1999
The back side of religion: Trickster and His Tales
Sam Gill, Ph.D., Professor of Religion, University of Colorado

March 17, 1999
Money and ethics
Jack Powelson, Professor of Economics, Emeritus, University of Colorado
Jane Lewenthal, Certified Financial Planner

April 21, 1999
courage to leave, courage to stay
Will Reller, M.Div., Chaplain, Boulder Community Hospital
Sat Tara Kaur Khalsa, MS, LPC, Divorce consultant

May 19, 1999
Six belief systems struggling for Boulder’s soul
Mark Gerzon, Co-Director Campaign for Common Ground, public speaker, workshop leader, author