Interface Program: 1997-98

September 17, 1997
Imagery and Waking Dream: Creating Bridges Between the Inner and Outer World
Eve Ilsen, MA, private practice, workshop leader, story teller, co-teacher with Rabbi Zalman Schachter

October 15, 1997
Why are we drawn to participate in interface?
How does the connection between spirituality and mental health play out in our personal lives and our work?
Discussion facilitated by Stan Grotegut, M.Div. and Laurie Branch, LPC, CACIII

November 19, 1997
God in the heartland: The Oklahoma City Bombing Aftermath
Rev. Gary Mueller, C.M., Parochial Vicar, Holy Ghost Church and St. Elizabeth Church, Denver

December 17, 1997
The mind/body/spirit approach to optimal health
Dr. Robert Ivker, D.O., Pres., American Holistic Medical Assoc., clinical instructor, CU Health Science Center

January 21, 1998
Six belief systems struggling for Boulder’s soul
Mark Gerzon, Co-Director Campaign for Common Ground, public speaker, workshop leader, author

February 18, 1998
Why shy? A Natural History of Shyness
Virginia Detweiler, MSW, CACIII, Dir., Shyness Institute, private practice, faculty, Front Range Com. College

March 18, 1998
Suffer the children: The Role of the Spiritual Community in Helping Kids During Divorce
Toni Erickson, LCSW, private practice, divorce mediator, Dir., Hope for Our Children Parenting Seminars
and clergyperson (to be announced)

April 15, 1998:
Conflict in the religious community
Rev. Bob Sheldon, interim pastor at United Presbyterian Church of Broomfield

May 20, 1998:
Sacred and liberating connection: The Experience of Presence in Therapy, Pastoral Counseling and Spiritual Direction
Rev. Kurt A. Kuhwald, M. Div., minister, Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder