Psychological and Spiritual Aspects of Captivity

September 19th, 2001Tom Sutherland, Ph.D.Emeritus Professor of Animal Sciences, Colorado State UniversityIn 1983 Tom Sutherland, a professor at Colorado State University in Ft. Collins, accepted the position of Dean of Faculty of Agriculture and Food Science at the American University of Beirut in Lebanon. Two years later, on June 9, 1985, he was kidnapped by gunmen from the Islamic Jihad. Continue reading

Divorce: 10 Common Pitfalls & The Rebuilding Process

October 17th, 2001Sat Tara Kaur Khalsa, MS, LPCDivorce Consultant, MediatorNorm Gibson, LCSWPsychotherapist in Private Practice, Rebuilding Facilitator Continue reading

The Human Brain: From Neurons to the Emergence of Self

November 21st, 2001Dr. Sukumar VijayaraghavanAssistant Professor of Physiology & Biophysics at CU Health Sciences CenterLast Spring, the Interface program committee was inspired in part by an article in Newsweek and other publications on the topic of "NeuroTheology". We are pleased to welcome Dr. Vijayaraghavan from Denver to present on his interests related to this topic. Continue reading

Restorative Justice: It’s About Repair…It’s About Healing…It’s About Time!

December 19th, 2001Beverly TitleLongmont Community Justice PartnershipDavid Claassen-Wilson, R.J.Program Coordinator, Colorado School Mediation Project, BoulderSteve GoeringCo-Pastor, Boulder Mennonite Church, VORP Board PresidentThis session will highlight the values and principles of Restorative Justice, describe the practices being used in various settings, and discuss its implications for changing the way we view crime in our society. Continue reading

The After-Effects of Near-Death Experience

January 16th, 2002Robert Caplan, MSWNaropa Adjunct Faculty, Boulder County Hospice VolunteerFor this Interface presentation, Robert will share his story of the last rites, being out-of-body, revelations and radiant love. Continue reading

Interface Community Dialogue: Integrating Spiritual Experiences into Everyday Life

February 20th, 2002Chuck Gaylord, MAPsychotherapist in Private Practice, Community Hospital Chaplain VolunteerHow do we integrate our own personal spiritual experiences back into our lives? Continue reading

Continuing Bonds: A New Understanding of Grief

March 20th, 2002Linda Backman, Ed.D.Licensed Psychologist, Private Practice, Longmont, BoulderThe field of Thanatology has begun to adopt new terminology to describe and examine grieving, such as continued bonds and meaning reconstruction Grieving individuals frequently struggle with the need to locate and speak with the deceased. Continue reading

The Implications of Extraterrestrial Contact

April 17th, 2002Don DanielsColorado Representative for the Disclosure Project Continue reading

Therapy and Ministry Abuse: Legal and Ethical Issues

May 15th, 2002Gordon J. Kieft, M.Div., M.A., LPCPastor, Samaritan Counseling Center, Denver Continue reading