Understanding and Treating People with Chronic Pain

April 16th, 2014

Note: The Mapleton Cafeteria is now closed for breakfast. A light breakfast buffet will now be available in the Flatirons conference room before the program begins.

Charles Horowitz, Ph.D.Private practice, BoulderHost: Barry Erdman

About The Presentation

One in four of us, or 116 million Americans, are effected by invisible chronic pain ailments such as back pain, headaches and arthritis. That is more than the total number affected by heart disease, cancer and diabetes combined. Any physician will tell you that chronic pain is complex and has one of the worst treatment prognosis of any ailment. It is psychological, subjective, and treatments are controversial. Clearly the mind affects and is affected by pain. How to help pain patients? The vanguard of research shows that chronic pain is a disease in itself that measurably effects and is affected by the brain, and we can take advantage of the brain’s neuroplasticity with behavioral medicine to diminish or alleviate it. This presentation will show how.

About the Presenter

Charles Horowitz Ph.D. began his career with full-time residence at Esalen Institute from 1981-1985.  He has M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in clinical psychology with an emphasis on spirituality, and has worked for San Francisco County Mental Health. Inspired by his own chronic pain condition, he has specialized in the treatment of people with chronic illness and pain since 1990. Authors Stephen Levine, Angeles Arrien, and Kathleen Speeth were personal teachers. Charles was Clinical Advisor to the M.S. Quality of Life project from 2004-2009 and is currently a Board Member of NAMI, National Association of Mental Illness, Boulder County Chapter.

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  1. Charles has assisted many in their acceptance and lessening of their chronic pain. If you are one of the 116,000,000 who have some kind of chronic pain this talk will be for you.

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