Towards Authenticity, Meaning, and Joy: Lessons from Shamanism

January 20th, 2016Kris Abrams, MA, MSPrivate practice psychotherapist and shamanic practitionerHost: Barry Erdman

About The Presentation

Ultimately, people in the helping professions want to help people live happy, healthy, meaningful lives. Shamanic healing, which nature-based cultures have practiced in diverse forms in every corner of the world for tens of thousands of years, has similar goals. What can we learn from shamanic approaches that will help us to help others?

In this talk, psychotherapist and shamanic practitioner Kris Abrams will provide an introduction to shamanism in the modern world, and lessons and case studies from her work with shamanic clients. Topics will include:

  • A shamanic understanding of the psyche;
  • Discovering and living one’s purpose;
  • Making important life decisions;
  • Shamanic approaches to healing trauma;
  • Challenges of living in the modern world; and,
  • Health, healing, and the natural world.

About the Presenter

Kris Abrams practices psychotherapy and shamanic healing with Cedar Tree Healing Arts ( Whether she is working with individuals, couples, or groups, her ultimate goal is the same: to help people live lives of authenticity, meaning and joy. Because each individual is a unique and complex collection of thoughts, emotions, beliefs, memories, actions, relationships, a body, and a soulful/spiritual self, Kris integrates a range of techniques into her work, including cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, Gestalt, nature-based psychotherapy, and shamanic healing.

Kris’ credentials include a Master’s of Science in Mental Health Counseling from Prescott College, a Master’s of Philosophy from Oxford University, and Bachelors’ degrees in Neuroscience and Philosophy of Science from Brown University. She has studied privately with her shamanic teacher for eight years, and is also a Rhodes Scholar.

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