Transforming to Thrival While Surviving COVID-19

April 17th, 2020

Zoom with Us!
11:30am – 1:30pm

This Interface event is FREE. However, we are asking our members to make a donation. Proceeds will go to Boulder Community Health Foundation’s “Feed The Frontlines Boulder”. This program benefits health care workers and local restaurants. Meals will be delivered to healthcare workers on the frontlines of the pandemic. Thank You!

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Password: 183831

Paul O. Radde, Ph.D. Founder, CEO, The Thrival InstituteHost: Rich Williams, Barry Erdman

About The Presentation

The unexpected pause in the “attention economy” and your current pace of life presents an opportunity to develop a truly peaceful core to live “well within ourselves.” What elements, structures and routines of your daily life are being assessed? What will you do differently when the merry-go-round starts up again? The reduced buzz, allows for reflection, deepening outreach to relationships, and focused self-care. What core issues energize your life? What practices will you stop, start, do more?  

Four things you can choose to control in your life:                                           – – Intake: Discern what you take in, tune in. What filters need developing?
– Practices: Stay open/present to experience. Be directly & unconditionally self-accepting with proactive self-nurturance, forgiveness and   healing for the self-inflicted wounds of the inner critic.
– Thoughts: Choose reflective & purposeful thought modes. Become more “impelled.”
– InnertudeTMWhat inner stance will withstand any circumstance? “Go through it, not just up to it.”

About the Presenter

Dr. Paul O. Radde is a licensed counseling psychologist, retreat master, and founder of The Thrival INstitute. Paul authored Thrival: How to Have an Above Average Day Every Day, and is currently working on the sequel: Thrival II: Live Where Your Spirit Soars. In 2002, Paul introduced Elaine Aron’s inherited trait of the highly sensitive person in Boulder and provides courses through BVSD Life Long Learning. A resident of Longmont, Paul is an avid racquetball player, who hikes, bikes, skis, and rides horseback. 

Additional Resources

   -Paul O. Radde, Ph.D.

Now you can be without,
and you can be within.
But if you are only without,
Then you are really without.
And if you are only within,
Then we are all without your within. 
So, first be within and without, so that
We will not be without your within,
And you will not be without.

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