Reimagining Ourselves: Healing From A Traumatic Brain Injury

May 18th, 2018

7:15am: Check-in, Coffee/tea
7:30-9:40am: Featured Program/Discussion


Sara Swift, M.A. SEPPsychotherapist, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, BoulderHost: Dominie Cappadonna

About The Presentation

This presentation will explore how a TBI changes the landscape of our brain, nervous system, body, relationships, career and our sense of identity.

Healing from a TBI is a discovery into what is possible as we face the ongoing questions that arise of who am I now in contrast to who was I back then. What gives us strength and courage on a daily basis to rebuild and start anew each day? How do we create resiliency and allow creativity to emerge and guide us as we reinvent ourselves? I will draw from my background as a psychotherapist specializing in trauma and attachment and my own experience of a TBI as a vehicle to transformation.

About the Presenter

Sara Swift has a M.A. in Counseling Psychology. She has a private therapy practice specializing in trauma resolution and early attachment issues with local, national, and international clients. Over the past thirty years, Sara has developed an integrative blend of counseling, therapeutic bodywork, yoga, and meditation, incorporating Somatic Experiencing, Brainspotting, CranioSacral Therapy, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Kripalu Yoga, Kripalu Bodywork, Shamanism, and her ongoing exploration in The Diamond Approach. Currently, Sara is a senior assistant for the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute. Sara also assists Dr. Diane Poole Heller nationally and internationally in her DARe program (Dynamic Attachment Repatterning Experience) and is a DARe teacher.

Additional Resources

Hear Sara’s KGNU radio interview from 5/17/18

Sarah’s Information to support TBI clients:
Somatic Experiencing  (trauma protocol)
BrainSpotting ( trauma protocol) Rocky Mountain BrainSpotting Institute
Neuropsychologist – (cognitive testing) Dr. Jan Lemmon
Speech Therapy- Mary Ann Keatley
CognitiveTherapy- Mary Ann Keatly
Vision Therapy- Rebecca Hutchins
Hyperbaric Oxygen- Rocky Mountain Hyperbaric Institute-Louisville Co.
Rolfing- Ashlane Hale
Oseopath- BoulderBodyWorks
Chiropractic & BioCranial- Dr Paula Lent
Physical Therapy- Active Solutions
Zero Balancing
Acupuncture -Wolf Becker, Molly Greacen
Homeopathy- Dr Kristin Van Konynenburg
Naturopathy-Wolf Becker
Diamond Approach (Brain Games- brain training for memory, attention and more
Neurofeedback- Sanjay Manchanda MFT, PhD,Tucson, Arizona



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  1. Hi Sara
    My dog was attacked by two dogs the other day. She is doing ok but me less so.
    Wonder if you are taking new CT’s and if so what is yours fee?

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