Spokes of the Sacred Wheel: Prayer, Meditation, Fasting, Pilgrimage and Retreat

November 20th, 2020

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Roland EvansHost: Barry Erdman

About The Presentation

All religions, regardless of their different beliefs, share common spiritual practices that have evolved over thousands of years. What are these practices; what is their purpose; how are they relevant to our modern experience? This talk will explore the rich religious heritage of prayer, meditation, fasting, pilgrimage and retreat. We will examine the commonality between these practices and the reasons they create profound psychological and spiritual effects. Most important, we will discuss how to integrate these “spiritual tools” into our busy lives.

View Roland’s powerpoint slides for the talk HERE

About the Presenter

Roland Evans is a psychotherapist, writer and teacher in Boulder, Colorado. Born in Ireland, he attended the Universities of Edinburgh and the University of Pennsylvania before training as a clinical psychologist in London. Roland was an Adjunct Professor at Naropa University for 16 years, teaching courses on psychology, psychotherapy and systems thinking. His publications include, Seeking Wholeness: Insights into the Mystery of Experience (2001) and “Spirituality and Relationship in Later Life” in Jung and Aging (2014), which he coauthored with Dr. Jerry Ruhl.

Additional Resources

View the video recording of this presentation HERE

11.19.20 KGNU.org radio Interview with Roland Evans LISTEN HERE (8 minutes)

Seeking Wholeness: https://roland-evans.com/books/seekingwholeness/

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