Spirituality & Faith: Resources in Recovery from Mental Illness

August 18th, 2017

7:15am: Check-in, Coffee/tea
7:30-9:45am: Featured Program


Sue Brightman, B.A. Vice-Chairperson, INMIJed Shapiro, MDINMI Board MemberAnne Weiher, PH.D.Chairperson, INMIHost: Barry Erdman

About The Presentation

Historically, society has not recognized the importance of spirituality as part of recovery from mental illness.  Often mental health practitioners have been reluctant to include this dimension in their treatment modalities, either due to lack of training/know-how or perhaps due to its lack of relevance when handling their own life challenges. For many of us, however, incorporating this vital component of the human spirit has been essential in our journey toward wholeness.

The Interfaith Network on Mental Illness is committed to working at the intersection of spirituality and mental illness, offering consultation to churches, training to the public, spiritual support groups and a variety of other resources. We work from the multi-faceted perspective of all those potentially touched by mental illness:  those in recovery, the family/friends/clergy who support them, and the professionals who guide them.

This Interface presentation will specifically address vital elements germane to this topic: what “hope” means and how to help others find it in their lives, the essential elements of the human spirit we can tap to help people find meaning in their lives during dark times, and a testimonial from a person in recovery who has found the power of spirituality in his/her own life.  We appreciate that Interface has a long tradition of fostering the connection between the psychological and spiritual domains which are so vital to healing on all dimensions.  The INMI program gives concrete examples and tools to foster this connection and equip attendees to bring spirituality into their conversations with others in need, particularly those with mental illness. We look forward to sharing our knowledge with your members.

About The Presenters

Sue Brightman, B.A. is a Conscious Business consultant for corporations and non-profits and a certified SQi (spiritual intelligence) coach through Deep Change Institute. She has served as an on-call chaplain for Boulder Community Hospital and Boulder County jail and co-facilitates a spiritual support group for mental health and wellness. She is also on the Board of Colorado Recovery Trust. As the mother, sister and aunt of family members living with mental illness, Sue is a strong advocate for its recovery and healing. Sue is Vice Chair of the INMI Board.

Jed Shapiro, M.D. is Board Certified Psychiatrist.  He is a staff psychiatrist at Colorado Recovery and Medical Director at Charg in Denver. He also works at the Behavioral Services Clinic at Imagine!  Jed is on the board of the Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care which developed the Colorado Care (Amendment #69) ballot initiative for November 2016. He is a long-serving member of the INMI Board of Directors and a regular panelist on the Mental Health First Aid program.

Anne Weiher, Ph.D. is an In Our Own Voice presenter for NAMI as well as facilitator for their Family to Family program. She is also chair of the mental health ministry at First Congregational Church and a founding member of the spiritual support group for mental health and wellness which she continues to facilitate. As a person in recovery (consumer), Anne has been an active advocate for those touched by mental illness at the local, state and national level. She is chair of the INMI Board of Directors.

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