Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Homosexuality and the Church

May 21st, 2008Ken ThurowRetired Lutheran PastorHost: Barry Erdman

About the Presentation

Some of the tensions around homosexuality are fueled by Christians who base their concerns on their reading of specific passages in the Bible.  What can be said when traditional religious views and current learnings are in conflict?  Are faith and Bible irrelevant?  Or is it possible to be attentive to and respectful of Scripture and yet find there a different perspective and come to other conclusions?  How can clergy and therapists deal with people conflicted regarding faith and sexual identity?  Does God hate gays?  With tongue in cheek and apologies to “The Onion”, come to listen in as “God Issues Clarification….”

About the Presenter

Ken Thurow received his theological education at Wartburg Theological Seminary in Dubuque, IA (a school now training pastors and theologians of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America), served parishes in South Dakota and Colorado until his retirement in 2000, and has served interim assignments since that time.  He has served on his denomination’s national Church Council, as a teaching theologian for the SHALOM Center for Continuing Theological Education, and as a member of the Board of Directors of Boulder County Hospice.  He has led several congregations in consideration of issues involving sexuality and homosexuality and has shared a number of unpublished articles with friends and colleagues.  Ken and his wife, Marlys, have lived in Boulder since 1990, and he has been a member of Interface for many years.

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