‘Season of Discernment’

December 17th, 2021

No Interface presentations to be scheduled for November and December 2021.

The Interface board members are taking this time off to enter into a “Season of Discernment” to further evaluate and discuss if Interface should continue on as we have for the past 45 years, make some needed changes or bring it all to a close in 2022.

Board members will be reviewing the results from a survey distributed to our members and also comments taken from our October 15, 2021 “Community Forum: The Future of Interface” Zoom meeting during this time. An email will likely be sent out in early January 2022 summarizing the boards findings and plan for the future.

If you missed out and did not respond to the invitation to take the Interface survey last month or you did not participate in the October community forum, you are still welcome to send in your comments and reflections regarding your participation with Interface, what you’d like to see moving forward, and how you might like to volunteer to help out.

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