Non-Adversarial Communication: How To Speak & Listen From Your Heart

January 15th, 2003Arlene Brownell, Ph.D.President, Connection Partners, Inc., Boulder, COTom Bache-WiigVice President, Connection Partners, Inc., Boulder, COHost: Stephanie Bryan, LCSW

About the Presentation

Are you tired of meeting the needs of others at your own emotional expense? Burned out from trying to reason with people who see each other as the enemy? Frustrated by people who don’t listen but who need to be understood? Aggravated when someone unleashes blame and judgment on you?

Non-Adversarial Communication (NAC) helps diffuse conflict while meeting these personal and professional challenges. In this interactive presentation, participants will be introduced to the NAC concepts and will learn where to focus their attention in order to build and maintain a deep level of connection with others even under stressful conditions. They will also learn what mental habits get in the way of strong human connections. Non-Adversarial Communication is based on Nonviolent Communication(SM), a communication process for building and maintaining human connection used successfully for over 25 years to reduce and resolve some of the most volatile conflicts in the world.

About the Presenters

Tom and Arlene are experienced mediators and facilitators who use Non-Adversarial Communication in divorce, business to business, employee/ employer, faith-based community, landlord/tenant, victim offender and other mediations, and who teach Non-Adversarial Communication to others. Married since 1978, Tom and Arlene credit Non-Adversarial Communication skills with improving both their personal relationship and their skills as mediators. Both facilitators have trained extensively with the Center for Nonviolent Communication.

Arlene Brownell spent 12 years mediating workplace disagreements and negotiating with clients as a manager and organizational consultant before becoming a mediator in private practice. She is co-president of the Boulder Chapter of the Colorado Council of Mediators and Mediation Organizations. Arlene earned a BA and an MA in Psychology, and a Ph.D. in Social Ecology. She has over 75 publications in both professional and lay periodicals.

Thomas Bache-Wiig has been a mediator and a facilitator in private practice since 1997. During the 25 years Tom worked in business, he created and delivered over 600 sales and communication skills trainings; over 1,000 presentations to business owners, executives, and community groups; and honed his ability to use positive negotiation strategies. In this role, he successfully negotiated and worked with more than 400 businesses. Tom is past president of the Boulder Chapter of the Colorado Council of Mediators and Mediation Organizations. He has a BS in Business from Regis University.

Additional Resources

Tom Bache-Wiig: [email protected]
Arlene Brownell: [email protected]

(303) 449-2553

Recommended Reading:
Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Compassion
by Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D., (2000, PuddleDancer Press)

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