May Your Guides Be With You: PsychoSpiritual Therapy

March 18th, 2009Doug Pratt, MSW, LCSWHost: Barry Erdman

About the Presentation

Attendees can expect to have an outline of psychospiritual therapy presented. They will be able to see how the therapy is constructed and how it is able to address the emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual aspects of a client. Case examples will be presented to show the strength and depth of this approach. We will use some of our time for a guided meditation so that each attendee has an opportunity to experience his or her own spiritual guides. Attendees will be able to understand how this connection can then be used to assist in addressing issues and beliefs, clearing them so that the core issues are removed and the symptoms are alleviated.

About the Presenter

Doug Pratt, LCSW has been in private practice over 20 years.

“I treat children, adolescents and adults. I have always sought out better therapies and treatments especially for clients with longstanding issues. This pursuit lead me to establishing a psychospiritual therapy which comes from my own inner work as well as guidance from my own spiritual guides. I continue to work with a wide range of clientele and employ this therapeutic approach wherever appropriate and in whatever appropriate form.

For six years as a school social worker, I treated elementary aged children. I consulted with the Colorado SIDS program for 15 years and gained a specialty working with these parents in their profound loss. I truly enjoy consulting with parents about their children and their emotional well-being. In addition to my direct client work, I also provide educational groups for adults regarding past life regression, life between life regression and psychospiritual therapy.”

Additional Resources

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Michael Newton, Ph.D: Journey of Souls, 1994.
Michael Newton, Ph.D: Destiny of Souls, 2000.

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