Interface Community Dialogue: Sharing Our Passions

November 21st, 2012Barry Erdman, LCSW, DCSWDiscussion FacilitatorHost: Barry Erdman

About this Session

Do you have a case of the post election blues?
Want single payor health care in Colorado?
Had an awakening experience you’d like to share?
Are you losing faith in organized religion and interested in starting your own?
Do you wonder about what healing is and how it happens?
Have you discovered a new way to overcome your compassion burnout?

We will be meeting on the day before Thanksgiving this year. Rather than having a scheduled speaker this month, we’d like instead to take this opportunity to open up our monthly meeting so that we may dialogue with each other in our group. What are you passionate about? Come share your thoughts and feelings. Barry will begin the group by taking a survey of topics from participants attending and facilitate our discussion. Come join in the conversation. In anticipating the holiday, perhaps you’ll be thankful you did!

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