Intercultural Connections: Speaking Truth to our Fears of “Other”

April 19th, 2006Soltahr Tiv-Amanda, MA, LPCIntercultural Connections and Sacred Well HealingHost: Barry Erdman

About the Presentation

In our work as therapists, educators and professionals we inevitably find ourselves working with folks of cultural groups that are different than our own. Many folks end up glossing over or ignoring the discomfort they might be feeling around someone else’s race, gender identity or orientation, religion or some quality that is challenging to us. The sad piece is that the “other” knows this and feels this as discomfort and lack of safety. How can we find ways and guidance in voicing our fears and discomfort with “other” that can then lead to deeper acceptance and understanding? We will do some exercises, small group discussion and learn methods for working with ourselves—first, then talk about simple ways to help others feel safe and accepted and seen in our presence.

About the Presenter

Soltahr Tiv-Amanda  (formerly known as Gail Sanford) holds an MA degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from the Naropa Institute. She is an LPC in private therapeutic practice and group facilitator. Currently she provides individual and group supervision to therapists who wish to focus on intercultural work. She also offers mentoring and consultation for Mental Health professionals, educators and employers in improving their cross cultural skills. Soltahr received her training as a faculty at Naropa University as well as the Multicultural Counseling Center at CU Boulder. She has been a guest speaker on many occasions on the variety of ways to bring compassion to our work. She has published a journal article in the Journal of Counseling and Development in 1999—entitled “Compassionate Curiosity”. Her Certifications include: Reiki Master, Mindfulness Instructor and Healing Woman in the Hopi tradition.

She is one of the featured healers in a book released in 2001 by Carol Kronwitter entitled: Women of Grace–Women Healers and Healing Practices from D&S Publications.

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