Healing the Earth & the Right Livelihood Revolution

March 17th, 2010Matthew HeckCo-Owner, Service & Monitoring Manager, Namaste SolarHost: Stan Adamson

About the Presentation

It is said that one must heal one’s self before can heal others. The Mahatma Gandhi said to be the change you wish to see in the world. There are opportunities for melding both into what Buddhists refer to as Right Livelihood.

As green power generation and other clean technologies gain wider deployment, as globalized commerce fueled by carbon emissions moves towards localized/distributed systems, as people begin to rediscover the wisdom of ways past, many are finding ways to heal the Earth and make a living at it.

Come explore Right Livelihood and how its principles can be integrated into making a living (free(r) of ahimsa or not-harming), and how to apply this way to find deeper satisfaction in your work, heal yourself and the Earth.

About the Presenter

Matthew Heck, Co-Owner of Namaste Solar, Boulder Colorado, previously a Quality Assurance Technician with SC Johnson Wax’s professional division through his time as the interim director of Rancho Mastatal in Costa Rica, Matt brings positive energy, joy and his inquisitive nature to all his work. As an honors graduate from both the University of Michigan and the University of Colorado at Boulder, Matt now holds Bachelor’s degrees in Music and Environmental Studies, and is done with his coursework for a Master’s degree in Music as well. While a student at CU Boulder, Matt was the director of the Environmental Library inside the Environmental Center, the hub of environmental activism and sustainable projects on campus.

In his “free” time, Matt enjoys rock climbing, making music, reading, cooking, brewing various libations, hiking, camping, backpacking and mountain biking. Matt also practices yoga, meditation, and is a leading member of the ManKind Project.

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