Exploring the Damnation Mentality: From Oblivious to Obvious!

February 18th, 2015Paul O. Radde, Ph.DFounder, The Thrival InstituteHost: Barry Erdman

About The Presentation

Each of us deals daily with mentalities, trajectories, and environmental factors that are pervasive, yet unrecognized stressors and energy drains. These are “under the radar” issues that impact personal, intimate and professional relationships right down to the implicit charge of specific words. This session introduces and explores the damnation mentality as a core dissembler. Surface critical and implicit concerns so that they can be worked with. Take away useful corrections for self-talk and for couples therapy. Explore and spot the language that may inflame a discussion or a denial.

About the Presenter

Paul O. Radde, Ph.D., has researched what brings out the best in people in all situations and walks of life. This quest resulted in his authoring, Thrival! How to Have an Above Average Day Every Day.  With 35 years in private practice, organizational development consulting, training and speaking on a spectrum of topics, Paul seeks to get at core issues, beliefs and mentalities that impede as well as catapult people into new states of being. Paul credits his Great Books program and studies of theology and philosophy with his ability to entertain questions for decades.

B.A., Great Books of Western Civilization (1962) The University of Notre Dame
M.A., Social Psychology (1969)
Ph.D. Counseling and Community Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin (1975)

Private Practice:
1975-76 – Austin, Texas
1977-2002 – Washington, D.C.
2003 – present – Boulder, CO

American Psychological Association
National Speakers Association – National and Colorado Chapter
National Strength and Conditioning Association

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