Benjamin Breaking Barriers

August 19th, 2015Malva Tarasewicz, D.M.A.Benjamin TarasewiczHost: Barry Erdman

About The Presentation

Benjamin Tarasewicz, a high-schooler with autism, is living proof of what’s possible when imagination and creativity lie at the core of teaching and therapy. A wide range of educational activities and therapeutic interventions are discussed during the multi-media presentation, and Benjamin’s personal story provides special perspective. Benjamin’s mother introduces him, providing introductory thoughts on dealing with autism.

Aside from providing educational insight, Benjamin’s message of hope and perseverance inspires people to meet the challenges in their own lives.

About the Presenters

Benjamin Tarasewicz, a gifted young speaker with high-functioning autism, has been giving inspiring and informational presentations titled Living With Autism: Breaking Through Barriers throughout Colorado. Benjamin has been featured in various news articles and on TV. He has spoken at CU (Honors Psych. Speaker Series), Regis University, for COD (Colorado Dept. of Education), for SEAC (Special Ed. Advisory Council), at high schools, and at various community venues.

Benjamin was the youngest speaker at a TEDx-style keynote presentation for the U.S. Autism and Asperger’s Assoc. Conference in 2014, and was a featured presenter in 2013 for the BolderLife Festival (an influential film/education/action event). Benjamin was also invited to speak at the Colorado Talented and Gifted (CAGT) Conference and for the AutCom autism conference in 2013. He was recognized with the 2013 Temple Grandin Award (given by Future Horizons autism publishers), by the Assoc. for Community Living with their “Self-Advocate of the Year” award in 2013, and by the Autism Society of Colorado with their “Compassionate Youth of the Year” award in 2012.

Benjamin was invited to speak at TEDxCU in April 2015. His talk was titled, Breaking Barriers of Autism: The Power of Kindness and Friendship. The 12-minute speech provides inspirational stories and tips for reaching out to people with “differences;” also highlighted are talents that can go along with “disability.”

Malva Tarasewicz, Benjamin’s mom, is the author of Benjamin Breaking Barriers: Autism—a Journey of Hope. Written to have broad audience appeal, the book is simultaneously a valuable autism/special-needs resource for parents and professionals. Filled with inspiring, creative ideas, it includes resources such as thought-provoking discussion questions and an index of the therapeutic interventions/attitudes discussed throughout the text.

Additional Resources

Benjamin and his mother maintain a website, blog, and Facebook page. The book,  “Benjamin Breaking Barriers” can also be purchased at:


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