Bearing Witness to Narcissistic Abuse: The Facts

September 17th, 2021

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Tracy MaloneFounder,, Author, Speaker, Educator, Int’l. narc-abuse Coach

About The Presentation

My work is dedicated to educating people about the behaviors, red flags, and means of escape from a narcissist. It’s critically important to gain an understanding of the plight of victims of narcissistic abuse, on their journey towards becoming what I have coined, a “surTHRIVER”. They need validation and support to understand what is happening to them in the process of healing. Narcissistic abuse awareness is at an all time high. Now more than ever, victims are in greater need of finding the words to understand what is happening to them. Do you know how to recognize a narcissist? Sometimes the abuser is overt and its clear to see their telltale behaviors. Other times the abuse is covert and the victim sees a two faced abuser; one version presenting in front of others, but then behind closed doors, the passive aggressive invalidator emerges.

In my presentation I will share the language of this type of abuse, the common feelings a victim experiences, from powerless, to hypervigilance, confusion, depression, and shame.  We will talk about the overlap with C-PSTD and the often misdiagnosed trauma they experience.  We will also review the red flags and tactics that are used to control and gaslight the victim. Narcissistic abuse often presents with a partner or spouse, but can also involve a parent, relative, co-worker or friend. Lets look at how to help these folks together. Bring your questions!

About the Presenter

Tracy Malone founded a global resource to victims of narcissistic abuse. Her website concentrates on educating survivors and leading them to the resources they need to heal.  She is an author, speaker, narc-abuse coach and educator and enjoys coaching survivors from all over the world. Tracy has a popular YouTube channel and podcast that has reached over two million survivors. For six years Tracy has had a free support group in Boulder and Arvada and a Facebook group with almost 15,000 members.

Tracy is herself a surTHRIVER and her latest book, “Divorcing Your Narcissist: You Can’t Make This Shit Up! The Tricks Narcissists Pull During Divorce and Strategies to be a surTHRIVER” will be released in October 2021.

Additional Resources

View the recording of this Zoom presentation HERE

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