January 16th, 2002Robert Caplan, MSWNaropa Adjunct Faculty, Boulder County Hospice VolunteerHost: Barry Erdman

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About the Presentation

At the age of twenty, while serving on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS Forrestal, Robert Caplan was sucked into the engine intake of an FJ-3 jet fighter plane. For this Interface presentation, Robert will share his story of the last rites, being out-of-body, revelations and radiant love. He will also show a video further elaborating on his own near death experiences.

About the Presenter

Robert Caplan holds degrees in Science Education, Social Work and Pastoral Psychotherapy. He has taught at all levels from kindergarten through college. He has experience as a national communications trainer for parents, therapists, clergy and executives. He has owned his own businesses and he has helped parent his four children. Currently, Robert is a counselor, artist, and adjunct faculty member of the Naropa Institute’s Department of Transpersonal Counseling Psychology in Boulder, teaching Adult Development. Robert’s life work is sharing his story as an inspirational speaker and presenting programs which enhance personal creativity through social, psychological and spiritual awareness.

Additional Resources

Robert Caplan
High Frequency Communications
4806 Old Post Circle
Boulder, CO 80301
303 527-0077

The International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS)
A near-death experience (NDE) is one of the most powerful emotional and psychological events known. This site is provided as a public service to give reliable information about near-death experiences, along with resources for more information and support.

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