Have We Been Trumped? Republican and Democratic Elected Officials Speak on How They Cope

September 21st, 2018

11:30am – 1:30pm

Note New Location:
Boulder Jewish Community Center
6007 Oreg Avenue
Boulder, CO 80303
(near Arapahoe & Cherryvale)
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Ms. Claudine SchneiderFormer Congresswoman, Republican (Rhode Island), BoulderDr. J. Tim WatersLongmont City Councilman, DemocratHost: Rev. Dr. Kay Palmer Marsh

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About The Presentation

How do we cope with the national and local politics swirling around us in 2018? How do we cope with people whose political opinions differ from our own?   Whether you are liberal or conservative, Republican, Democrat, Green Party, Independent, Uncommitted, or whatever, today’s politics tend to polarize; to move us into our corners where we are expected to come out swinging.

Leadership and living our lives in 2018 depends on not being rattled by the “other side” and maintaining a calm presence and understanding to find ways to work on issues to produce better outcomes. All of us can be a light in the darkness; leaders with a vision of what is possible for our futures and how to get there.

In this session, learn about how Dr. Waters, a Democrat recently elected to Longmont City Council and Ms. Schneider, a Republican living in Boulder who served in the U.S. Congress for Rhode Island cope with today’s political climate.

Learn constructive ways of understanding how our world works and how you can be a light in the darkness to those you interact with as a leader, counselor, or simply as a good neighbor.  Learn to be confident that you can find things that you have in common with the opposition and that there is hope – good times will come again. Learn how to love the other and be active; learn third ways of understanding our politics.

About the Presenters

Ms. Claudine Schneider was elected as a Republican to the 97th Congress and was re-elected to the four succeeding Congresses, serving from January 3, 1981 to January 3, 1991 for Rhode Island’s 2nd congressional district. The first woman elected from Rhode Island to the U.S. House of Representatives, Claudine Schneider also was the first Republican Representative to serve the state in more than 40 years. Schneider earned a reputation as one of the House’s strongest environmental advocates. She was the founder of the Rhode Island Committee on Energy in 1973, and was appointed executive director of the Conservation Law Foundationin 1974. She became Federal coordinator of Rhode Island Coastal Zone Management Program in 1978.

Ms. Schneider worked as a producer and host of a public affairs television program in Providence, Rhode Island from 1978 to 1979. After leaving Congress, she served as a member of the faculty of the John F. Kennedy School of Government of Harvard University. She has been a resident of Boulder, Coloradofor twenty years, where she works as an independent environmental/ecological consultant. She studied at the University of Barcelona, Spain, and Rosemont College (Pennsylvania). She received a B.A. degree in languages from Windham College (Vermont) in 1969. She attended the University of Rhode IslandSchool of Community Planning in 1975.

Dr. J. Tim Waters, was elected to the Longmont City Council in 2017.  He has forty plus years of leadership experience as a past teacher in K-12, assistant principal, principal, assistant superintendent, and superintendent.  He has been an education policy adviser to Arizona Governor Bruce Babbitt, and from 1995-2014 he was President and CEO of McREL International, an education research, development, and service organization.  He served under Governor Romer on the Colorado Commission on Education among other boards and commissions.

Dr. Waters has been recognized as a Distinguished Educator by the Kettering Foundationand is a recipient of the Equity Excellence award presented by the Colorado Institute for Gender Equity and the LULAC Award for Service to Hispanic Youth.He is the author of numerous articles and has received many awards.  Tim and his wife Janie have lived in Longmont, CO for the last 24 years.Dr. Waters holds a BA from the University of Denver, with Masters and Doctoral degrees from Arizona State University.

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