Interface is a forum for exploring the common interface of spirituality and psychotherapy among care providers of religious, spiritual and therapeutic helping professions in Boulder Colorado. Lively discussions and sharing of inspirational ideas are a hallmark of these popular monthly breakfast meetings, which began in 1977.

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Notice: The Mapleton BCH Cafeteria is now closed for breakfast. Volunteers needed to bring in breakfast items for Wed. 4/19. Contact us ASAP if you can help out. 

Notice: Interface Needs a new home starting July 2014.
Programs in April, May and June will continue to meet in the Flatiron’s conference room at Mapleton Boulder Community Hospital. Do you know of another venue to host Interface Breakfast Programs? We need to hear from you! Contact us. 

Our Next Featured Presentation:

Honoring the Medicine: Native American Healing

kenMay 21st, 2014Ken Cohen, M.A., M.S.Th.Traditional Healer, Independent ScholarKenneth Cohen will share cross-cultural perspectives on the principles, ethical values, and practice of Native American healing. He will explore Native American medicine not as a thing of the past but as Continue reading