The Interfaith Adventure

October 17th, 2012Anne V. Roth, M.Div.Vice President, United Religions Initiative North AmericaMs. Roth will share her lived history with the formation and development with the United Religions Initiative (URI), the expanding scope of interfaith cooperation, and recent developments within the organization. The United Religions Initiative was Continue reading

Interface Community Dialogue: Sharing Our Passions

November 21st, 2012Barry Erdman, LCSW, DCSWDiscussion FacilitatorWhat are you passionate about? Come join the conversation! In place of a scheduled speaker on this day before Thanksgiving, we will instead take this opportunity to get better acquainted, share our concerns and interests and strengthen our Interface community by Continue reading

Weary and Worried Souls and Our Clean Energy Future

December 19th, 2012Leslie GlustromDirector of Policy and Research, Clean Energy ActionAbout the Presentation Our society is increasingly being portrayed as “addicted”’ to fossil fuels. What is the political, financial, environmental and psychic price we pay for that addiction? What is the hope for breaking our addiction and finding our way … Continue reading

Waking Up Together: Social Transformation and Feminine Values

January 16th, 2013

PLUS 9-10am:
AFTERTHOUGHTS: Conversation & Networking

2012: The Year I Didn’t Die
Stay for another cup of tea & share your interests with others!

Dr. Elizabeth Rabia Roberts Ed.D.President, Boulder Institute for Nature and the Human SpiritOur civilization is cracking. People everywhere feel disoriented, uncertain, anxious or discouraged. The old patriarchal paradigm, with its androcentric values and Continue reading

Making Peace in the Family

March 20th, 2013Alakananda MaDoctor of Ayurveda, Alandi Ashram We long for peace on earth yet often our most intimate relationships seem like war zones. How can we develop genuine community and communication at a family level? Continue reading

Forgiveness: The Ultimate Revenge

June 19th, 2013

Please Note: Location Changed to “Aspen Conference Room”

PLUS 9-10am:

AFTERTHOUGHTS: Conversation & Networking
Stay for another cup of tea & share your interests with others!
(In the Cafeteria down the Hall) 

Jack Lavino, M.A., ICADCHeart of the Matter Recovery ServicesHolding grudges? Getting even? Forgive. Either your family members, friends or associates will go nuts or your relationships will improve. Your brain and body will Continue reading