Healthy, Wealthy and Wise: Contemplative Intelligence and the 3rd American Century

September 21st, 2011Tyler NorrisFounder, Community InitiativesWhat does it mean to embark on a worthy quest and return whole in spirit, whole in learning and whole in relation to community? Continue reading

The Burning Bush: Helping Clergy Fuel Their Calling Without Getting Burned

November 16th, 2011Rev. Elizabeth Denham Thompson, L.M.F.T., A.A.P.C. FellowClergy & Congregational Consultant-Coach-TherapistClergy are just regular people, with regular issues, concerns, illnesses, hopes, and dreams. But they have an unusual calling that can be phenomenally rewarding and life-giving, and their boss is “out of this world.” Continue reading

Reason to Hope: At the Turning Point in Our Evolution

December 21st, 2011Bob Whitehouse, Ed.D.Private practice, Boulder Denver, Adjunct Asst Prof, DU Graduate School of Professional PsychologyWhat difference would it make if we found an evolutionary pattern indicating that we are at the key turning point in the evolution of our consciousness and purpose? Could this pattern predict what is trying to take place with the chaos of the present? Continue reading

NGO Conundrums: Confronting Military Interventions in Humanitarian Crises

February 15th, 2012

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Ellen V. MooreBoard Member/Former Program Coordinator, Urgent Action Program, Amnesty International USAWhat is the role of a human rights NGO, or an individual committed to basic human rights for all, in a situation seemingly requiring military intervention in a humanitarian crisis? Continue reading

Safe Harbor: A Spiritual Refuge for the Mentally Ill

March 21st, 2012Jacqueline ConleyUnited Methodist Minister, Interfaith EducatorJackie will help us appreciate the difference between spirituality and religion, challenging us to accept that treating the whole person means acknowledging mind, body and spirit. Continue reading

Death: The Last Hurrah

April 18th, 2012Kim Mooney, CTHospiceCare of Boulder and Broomfield CountiesWill your death be equal to your life? Once we are through being insulted that we’re going to die, we can begin to look at what death means in the context of our lives. Continue reading

The Spirituality of Illness: Finding Meaning in the Midst of Suffering

June 20th, 2012Nancy Trottner, R.N., M.A.Sacred WorksThe experience of being seriously or chronically ill impacts us in multiple ways. Our relationships, or priorities, our beliefs all begin to be called into question. Continue reading

The Misunderstanding of Mental Illness

July 18th, 2012Antonio J Wood, M.D.Private Practice, BoulderExploration of the notions of Spirit, spiritual practice, mind, mental illness, psychology and use of medicines from a Buddhist perspective. Continue reading