Aryavart (India) and Its Scriptures: On the Origin of Spiritual Thought

September 15th, 2010Ratnamanirao "Manu" C. Raval, B.A., LLBThis presentation will outline the history and development of the Hindu scriptures and their cultural, philosophical, and spiritual significance. Continue reading

Natural Highs: Healthy Alternatives to Drugs & Alcohol

November 17th, 2010Avani G. Dilger, LPC, BC-DMT, CACIIITzuria MalpicaNatural Highs Leadership TeamWe will discuss the Natural Highs -Healthy Alternatives to Drugs & Alcohol Program, bring a taste of some Natural Highs experientials, and talk about fresh ideas to get young people interested in sober and healthy lifestyles. Continue reading

The Transgender Liberation Movement: Can Psychology & Religion Relate?

December 15th, 2010Nicole GarciaLutherans Concerned, North AmericaMs. Garcia will present background information on the terminology associated with the umbrella term - transgender. Continue reading

I Don’t Want to Talk About it! Spirituality & Mental Illness in Faith Communities

January 19th, 2011Alan Johnson, M.Div.The First Congregational Church, BoulderAnne Weiher, Ph.D.President, NAMI Board of DirectorsThe basis of my conversation will be grounded in my experiences in understanding and then applying mental health concerns in a faith community. Continue reading

Gifts & Challenges of Individuals Who Report ET Encounters

February 16th, 2011

PLUS 9-10am:
AFTERTHOUGHTS: Conversation & Networking

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Shelley Tanenbaum, Psy.D.Clinical Psychologist, Private Practice, Boulder with invited guests reporting ET contact: Candice Powers & Roberta Collier-MoralesWe who wish to comprehend the mysteries of the Universe and our own existence must at times suspend disbelief and enter into a real dialogue that dares to hold the impossible. In our listening, greater truth can be revealed to us all. Continue reading

Buddhist Views of Self and Truth

March 16th, 2011Ryokan SozanDirector, Dharma Sangha BoulderWhat is the Buddhist view of Self? What is truth? Is Buddhism a religion? Continue reading

JustFaith: A Spiritual Journey in Compassion and Community

April 20th, 2011Sarah Hartzell, MA, LPCSt. John's EpiscopalJustFaith is an intensive and successful model of justice education and spiritual formation. Sarah Hartzell will speak about how it asks participants to go beyond the limits of personal faith to experience and address the social, political and economic wounds of our communities and our world. Continue reading

Hot to Trot: Integrated Women’s Sexuality

May 18th, 2011

PLUS 9-10am:
AFTERTHOUGHTS: Conversation & Networking

Stay for another cup of tea & share your interests with others!

Sat Tara Kaur Khalsa, MS, LPCPrivate Practice, BoulderIntegrated Women's Sexuality, developed by Sat Tara Kaur Khalsa, is a comprehensive, holistic and clearly organized therapeutic approach to women's sexuality. Continue reading

Practicing Mindful Medicine: The Dharma Docs

June 15th, 2011Leland Johnston, MDGary Kahn, MDRohini Kanniganti, MD, MSPHDavid Silver, MD, MPHWendy Zerin, MDAbout the Presentation The Dharma Docs are a local group of MD’s who practice meditation together and discuss issues emerging in their personal lives that center on their spiritual and medical practices. Members of the group will lead a panel … Continue reading

Shaken: Journey into the Mind of a Parkinson’s Patient

July 20th, 2011Deborah J. Fryer, Ph.D.Lila Films Inc.The award-winning documentary, SHAKEN: Journey into the Mind of a Parkinson's Patient, follows Paul Schroder, a young man who graduated at the top of his class in electrical engineering, and then was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Continue reading