To Serve Allah in a Foreign Land: Muslims in North America Today

September 16th, 2009Frederick Denny, Ph.D.Boulder Valley Unitarian Universalist FellowshipA survey of basic issues, values, beliefs, practices and prospects that challenge, support, offend but also sometimes comfort and gratify Muslims living in Canada and the United States. Continue reading

What Do You Do With the Body? Cremation, Burial and Other Methods of Disposition

December 16th, 2009Kirk Petersen, J.D.Colorado Licensed AttorneySomeone dies, yet the body remains. As a civilized society, we never just leave the body where it lies. We need to do something with it, something permanent. But what? Continue reading

Making ¢hange: $pirituality in a Time of Recession

January 20th, 2010

An Interface Community Dialogue
Respondents: Reverend Stan Adamson, Ryokan Gary Hardin, Imam Ibrahim Kazerooni, Rabbi Joshua Rose

How are you personally coping during the economic downturn? What does one say and do in our helping roles with our congregations and clients? How do organizations survive after relying on tithing and donations? Continue reading

Healing the Earth & the Right Livelihood Revolution

March 17th, 2010Matthew HeckCo-Owner, Service & Monitoring Manager, Namaste SolarIt is said that one must heal one’s self before can heal others. The Mahatma Gandhi said to be the change you wish to see in the world. There are opportunities for melding both into what Buddhists refer to as Right Livelihood. Continue reading

The Diamond Approach: Spiritual Path for Our Times

May 19th, 2010John Davis, Ph.D.Ridhwan School and Naropa UniversityBeth Davis, LMFTPrivate Practice, WestminsterAndreas Mouskos, MAOutreach Department Chair, Ridhwan School, ColoradoA panel of two Diamond Approach teachers and a student will describe the orientation of this path to human development and self-realization. Continue reading

Peace Beyond Belief: The Work of Byron Katie

July 21st, 2010Bryan Clark, M.A.Facilitator of The Work, Boulder ColoradoSue Maclaren, L.P.C., L.A.C.Certified Facilitator of The WorkBryan and Sue will introduce The Work of Byron Katie, and demonstrate this simple, yet powerful process of inquiry-based stress reduction. Continue reading