God in the Wilderness: Rediscovering the Spirituality of the Great Outdoors

September 17th, 2008Rabbi Jamie KorngoldIn this thirty minute PowerPoint presentation, participants will learn about Rabbi Korngold's adventures in her book, "God in the Wilderness: Rediscovering the Spirituality of the Great Outdoors with the Adventure Rabbi". Q & A to follow presentation. Continue reading

December Lights

November 19th, 2008Rabbi Zalman Schachter-ShalomiFounder, Spiritual Eldering InstituteMy work in Eldering was extensive in the process of October – becoming and Elder and November serving as one. December is another part that needs to be made explicit since it is the fruiting of life and not a calamity. In this session I hope to share introspection on the December process. Continue reading

Open Dialogue: Politics, Moods & Prayers for 2009

December 17th, 2008David Silver, M.D., M.P.H.A month after our national elections, what do we understand and believe about the state of our country in relation to the world and our selves now? This session will give us all a chance to get better acquainted and share our hearts and minds on topics of importance to each of us. Continue reading

Islamic Law, Women, and the Islamic Reformation

January 21st, 2009Sophia Rose Shafi, MA, MTSUniversity of Denver/Iliff School of TheologyThis talk will address the status of women under Islamic law, a complex and highly contentious subject. Continue reading

May Your Guides Be With You: PsychoSpiritual Therapy

March 18th, 2009Doug Pratt, MSW, LCSWAttendees can expect to have an outline of psychospiritual therapy presented. They will be able to see how the therapy is constructed and how it is able to address the emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual aspects of a client. Continue reading

Transforming Our God Image

April 15th, 2009Rabbi Tirzah Firestone, MACongregation Nevei KodeshThis session will be an exploration of the evolving God image within our individual and collective psyches. We will look at our personal images of Divinity against the backdrop of ancestral and societal ideologies, and discuss how the divine "urge to wholeness" is calling us forward in our lives and in the life of our struggling planet. Continue reading

Spiritual Development and Realistic Optimism

May 20th, 2009Robert C. Atchley, PhDAuthor, "Spirituality and Aging"Holistic psychology sees spiritual development as an equal partner with other aspects of individual development. How do we invite the spiritual journey into conversations about a personal life story? What language works best? Continue reading

Brainspotting: a Magic Window to Release Trauma and Receive Spirit

June 17th, 2009Laurie Branch, MA, LPC, CACIIIPsychotherapist -Private PracticeSusan Hubbard, LCSWPrivate practice, Member- Boulder Society of FriendsBrainspotting is a new therapeutic technique developed by EMDR therapist David Grand. This methodology has an almost magical capacity for resolving traumas that are stuck in the mid-brain. Continue reading

Soul to Body: Helping Clients to Repair Their Earliest Influences

July 15th, 2009David Sawyer, MA, LPCWhat do we remember, and how do we remember? These are the questions that are at the basis of Pre- and Perinatal Psychology, that which explores the time before and around birth. Continue reading