Animal Passions & Beastly Virtues: Animal Emotion & Why They Matter

September 19th, 2007Marc Bekoff, Ph.D.Professor Emeritus of Biology, CU BoulderIn my talk I'll discuss why animal emotions have evolved - the functions they serve in a wide number of species, especially mammals - and why they matter. Continue reading

Pastoral Perspectives on the Environmental Crisis

October 17th, 2007Rev. Pete Sawtell, M.Div.Executive Director, Eco-Justice MinistriesBringing about real environmental change will take far more than strong laws and new technology. Members of our society need to come to new understandings of their self-identity, of progress and the good life, and of their relationship with the community and the natural world. Continue reading

Dialogues: Interface Community Open Forum

February 20th, 2008Bruce MacKenzieThis session is dedicated to extemporaneously listening and sharing our own inspiration with each other. This is also an opportunity to get better acquainted and network amongst ourselves. Continue reading

Collaborative Divorce: Healing Solutions for Restructuring Families

March 19th, 2008Bert DempseyAttorney Sat Tara Khalsa, LPCTodd McMillenAttorneyAs ministers and psychotherapists, we sometimes deal with people going through divorces. Sometimes, attorney involvement is appropriate, yet we don't want our clients to experience the emotional harm so common in litigation. Continue reading

Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Homosexuality and the Church

May 21st, 2008Ken ThurowRetired Lutheran PastorSome of the tensions around homosexuality are fueled by Christians who base their concerns on their reading of specific passages in the Bible. What can be said when traditional religious views and current learnings are in conflict? Continue reading

Caring for Our Own Dead: Reclaiming a Sacred Tradition

June 18th, 2008Karen van VuurenFounder and executive director, Natural TransitionsNatural Transitions is a non-profit educating and empowering families to care for their own at death. We honor all faiths and beliefs, but hold that death is a spiritual transition that is part of the cycle of life. Continue reading

What Makes Us Strong: A Sudanese Refugee’s Experience

July 16th, 2008Micklina PeterPresident, Community of Sudanese and American Women/MenMicklina Peter will present her personal journey as a refugee from the strife-torn Southern Sudan years ago, as she traveled through Kenya and on to the United States. Continue reading