The Power of a Praying Woman

September 26th, 2006Patricia RaybonAssociate Professor, School of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Colorado at BoulderJoin Patricia for a candid conversation on how her struggle to learn to pray, and her dismay at a distant-seeming God, transformed not just her prayer life – but every other aspect of her approach to contemporary living. Continue reading

Rebuilding After Ethnic Cleansing: Peace & Reconciliation Effort by Sudanese Refugees

November 15th, 2006Anita SanbornPresident, Colorado Episcopal FoundationAnderia Lual ArokThe speaker will describe several initiatives taking place in Sudan and in the United States. Continue reading

Monsters to Destroy: The Bush Administration’s War on Terror and Sin

December 20th, 2006Ira Chernus, Ph.D.Professor of Religious Studies, University of Colorado at BoulderDoes the real source of terror lie not in foreign lands but within our own society and our own lives? Continue reading

LEAP: What Will We Do with the Rest of our Lives?

January 17th, 2007Sara DavidsonJournalist, Novelist, Radio HostAs we get older, everyone must go through the narrows—the transition to a different phase of life—when many of us get stripped of our identity or are forced to redefine career, love, and what matters most. Continue reading

The Roots of Violence and Force in the World Today: Where Does the UN Fit In?

February 21st, 2007Bruce MacKenzieRetired Minister, First Congregational Church UCC, Boulder Continue reading

Religion, Politics, and the Crisis in the Middle East

March 21st, 2007Ibrahim KazerooniImam for the Muslim Community in DenverImam Kazerooni will address his understanding of the most recent current events concerning Iraq and the middle east. Participants are invited to write down specific questions to be addressed in the second half of the presentation. Continue reading

Anger, Compassion and Healing

April 18th, 2007John R. Rifkin, Ph.D.Mr. Rifkin will present his compassionate view of anger and the role it plays in healing as well as life fulfillment. In addition, he will highlight the ways in which anger can be used effectively in short and long term therapy and pastoral care. Questions regarding ways to deal with current issues related to anger will also be addressed. Continue reading

Exploring Archetypes through Music, Movement and Meditation

May 16th, 2007Sat Tara Kaur Khalsa, M.S., L.P.C.Life can be richer and fuller as we more deeply explore the archetypes we already use, and expand our repertoire by becoming familiar with all the rest. Continue reading

Doing Justice in a Purple Congregation

June 20th, 2007Rev. Dr. Jim RyanColorado Council of Churches, Council ExecutiveWhile congregations can agree on charity (tsunami or hurricane relief), doing justice (seeking systemic change) causes conflict in purple congregations. This makes purple congregations resistant to doing justice. Continue reading

The Trauma Spectrum: Implications of Culturally-Endorsed Trauma

July 18th, 2007Robert Scaer, M.D.Retired former Medical Director, Mapleton Center, Boulder, COTrauma as a psychological concept primarily addresses the negative extremes of human experience. When cultural constrictions on behavior create a relative state of powerlessness, however, relatively minor sources of threat or stress may assume the neurophysiological state of traumatic stress, with grave implications for mental and physical health. Continue reading

New Theories of Dissociation: Implications for Therapy and Healing

August 22nd, 2007Robert Scaer, M.D.Retired former Medical Director, Mapleton Center, Boulder, CO(Special session added) Continue reading