Peace Through Conflict: The Essential Role of Conflict in Search for Peace

September 15th, 2004Bernard Mayer, Ph.D.Partner at CDR AssociatesI will discuss how our thinking and approach to conflict sometimes limit our ability to help people through conflict because of our fixation on resolution. Continue reading

We Can’t Afford Not to Fix the Health Care System

October 20th, 2004Ron Forthofer, B.S., M.S., Ph.D.Health Care for All ColoradoIvan Miller, Ph.D.Private Practice, BoulderThere are almost 44 million Americans without health insurance today and approximately another 40 million who are under insured. This means that far too many suffer unnecessarily because of their inability to afford timely health care. How can the richest country in the world allow this? Continue reading

To Form Is To Transform: Art As a Therapeutic Process for Ascending and Descending

November 17th, 2004Michael Franklin MA, ATR-BCDirector, Graduate Art Therapy Program Naropa UniversityThis slide presentation will highlight various critical themes around art, therapy, and healing. Continue reading

The Moral Imagination: The Art and Soul of Building Peace

December 17th, 2004John Paul Lederach, Ph.D.Boulder Mennonite Church; University of Notre Dame Joan B. Kroc Institute for International Peace StudiesExcerpts from an upcoming book based on my experiences with peacebuilding internationally. I will share a few stories and then draw some conclusions about the nature of the challenge of peacebuilding and nonviolent social change. Continue reading

A Warrior’s Return: Societal, Familial and Personal Recovery

January 19th, 2005Elizabeth L. HawkinsCEO of Magis Group LLCStephen L. Robinson, MACOO of Magis Group LLCGene Bolles M.D.Neurosurgeon, Boulder, Denver, GermanyA look at today’s soldiers and their families and how both are changed by war. Continue reading

Exorcisms, Evil Spirits and the Supernatural

February 16th, 2005Fr. Hermanagild JayachandraPastor, St. Martin de Porres Catholic Church, BoulderRichard BledsoePastor, Tree of Life Presbyterian ChurchFather Herman will share his personal experience in conducting exorcisms in India, working with people of demonic oppression and haunted houses in the United States. Continue reading

Facing Our Fallacies: An exploration of what happens when good people allow fallacious thinking to bias their reasoning, coarsen their conversations, and otherwise deprive them of good humor

March 16th, 2005Rev. David W. Kenney, M.A., M.Div.Director of Pastoral Care, Boulder Community HospitalWe’ll explore the “classic logical fallacies,” considering their application in the everyday discourse of our time. Our goal is to understand how recognizing and reckoning wisely with fallacious thinking and arguments can enable us to enjoy conversation on a higher plane. Continue reading

Meditation in Prison

April 20th, 2005William KarelisFounder, Shambhala Prison CommunityMr. Karelis will make a presentation of the work of the Shambhala Prison Community, and invite dialogue with the audience following his presentation. Continue reading

Children For Sale: Free A Child’s Programs to Stop Prostitution & Slavery in Nepal & the USA

May 18th, 2005Kenlyn Kolleen, Esq.President, Free A ChildKenlyn Kolleen, will discuss the Free A Child child trafficking prevention program in Nepal and the organization's efforts to build a U.S. program to increase awareness of child prostitution in this country. Continue reading

Forgive Us Our Trespasses: Documenting the Conviction of Three Nuns at a Missile Silo & the Implications for Spiritual & Social Transformation

June 15th, 2005Brenda Truelson Fox, M.Div.Producer, Zero to Sixty ProductionsThis presentation will include clips of the film, personal stories of trial and triumph from the producer and an examination of how the vision and action of a few can inspire our communities and world towards a deeper awareness and participation in peace and disarmament. Continue reading

Nature’s Choice: What Science Reveals About the Biological Origins of Sexual Orientation

July 20th, 2005Cheryl L. Weill, Ph.D., MSWPrivate Practice, BoulderNature’s Choice is a slide presentation with extensive audience interaction. It is educational, describing how our sexuality develops both physically and behaviorally. It tries to help people integrate who they are as people with their own sexuality. It presents and elaborates the idea that denial of our sexuality denies our humanity and impairs our spiritual development. Continue reading