The Good Samaritan and His Genes

September 17th, 2003Dr. Holmes RolstonProfessor of Philosophy at Colorado State UniversityThe Good Samaritan has classically been praised as a role model of unselfish behavior, good neighbor to those in need, embodying compassion and solidarity with victims of injustice, the kind of ethical behavior that makes good social community possible. Continue reading

Interface Community Dialogue: “Dire Overwhelm” – How do we ever find balance?

October 15th, 2003Robert Caplan, Ph.D.Since 9/11 we have been bombarded with dramatic news of overwhelming impact regarding terrorism, grief, war, and other unpopular policies of power regarding world politics, national economics, constitutional rights, the environment... the list of national and global fear grows bigger everyday. Continue reading

What’s Fishy About Your Tomatoes? The Genetically Modified Food Controversy

November 1st, 2003

Saturday Special Event

David GeorgisDirector of the Colorado Genetic Engineering Action Network (COGEAN)Bill MelvinBoulder Institute of SustainabilitySuzanne Wuerthele, Ph.D., EPAWhat are the consequences of GMOs on our health, the environment, sustainability, and our economy? Continue reading

The Intrinsic Value of Collaboration: How Interdependency Leads to Compassion

November 19th, 2003Craig Dobkin, M.Ed.We will explore, experience and explain how certain learning situations help us learn about collaboration, interdependency and compassion. Continue reading

Understanding Islam & the Terrorist Challenge

December 17th, 2003Ibrahim KazarooniImam of Islamic Center of Ahl Al-Beit Continue reading

Our Retirement Plan: “Getting In the Way” with Christian Peacemaker Teams

January 21st, 2004Dick Williams, Ph.D.Gretchen Williams, MSWhat is Christian Peacemaker Teams and what do they do? Why have we become involved with CPT? Where have we been and whom have we met with CPT? What is the heart of CPT's work? Continue reading

Clergy Sexual Abuse: Realities & What is Needed

February 18th, 2004Rev. Linda Daniels-BlockPastor, Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran ChurchMarni WilliamsBoulder Survivor's Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP)Jack Lavino, MA, ICADCBoulder SNAPMarni Williams and Jack Lavino, two survivors of clergy sexual abuse, will tell their stories and the impact on their lives. Continue reading

Now Showing, “Spirituality”: How Media & Popular Culture Affect Teens

March 17th, 2004Lynn Schofield Clark, Ph.D.Professor, CU School of Journalism and Mass Communication, AuthorResearch grounded in in-depth interviews with teens and their families enables Clark to offer insights into how the entertainment media are playing a role in shaping contemporary ideas that in turn shape cultural practices and institutions. Continue reading

Earth and Spirit: Engaging with Nature as a Pathway to Insight

April 21st, 2004Burke Miller, M.A.Founder, Spirit River Institute, Boulder, COSandy McCarthy, M.A.Founding Partner, Spirit River Institute, Boulder, COIn this experiential and interactive presentation, participants will learn some of the theories and tools for connecting to self and Spirit through connecting to nature. Continue reading

Walking For Peace: The Labyrinth Experience

May 1st, 2004

Saturday Special Event

Rev. Trevor PotterFirst United Methodist ChurchJo Ann MastLabyrinth FacilitatorKim MooneyLabyrinth DocentThe labyrinth at FUMC is based on a design sometimes called the Jerusalem labyrinth because it was walked symbolically by spiritual travelers who were unable to make the physical pilgrimage to Jerusalem during the Crusades. Continue reading

Near Death Experiences: Are They Changing our Paradigm of Reality?

May 19th, 2004Pamela M. Kircher, M.D.Board-certified Family Physician; Hospice/Palliative Care PhysicianNDEs (Near Death Experiences) create challenges and potentials for change on an individual level. NDEs also create challenges and potential for change in the fields of psychology, medicine, and religion. Continue reading

What Kids Want Adults to Know About Teenagers

June 16th, 2004Jan Hittelman, Ph.D.Clinical Director of Compass House, BoulderThis dynamic presentation will include teenagers from the community sharing their personal challenges/struggles and offering suggestions as to how adults from the community can better understand and help today's youth. Continue reading