The Nature of Religious Warfare: Is God on Our Side?

September 18th, 2002Dr. Ira ChernusProfessor of Religious Studies, University of Colorado, BoulderCan an understanding of religious dimensions of war help resolve wars and bring peace? Continue reading

If Sociology Were Also Transpersonal –?

October 16th, 2002Rabbi Zalman Schachter-ShalomiProfessor of Religion, Naropa UniversityTranspersonal psychology has opened to our awareness regions of altered states for the individual. We have experienced the power of group work in areas of action, feeling and intellectual discourse. Continue reading

“A-Mazing” Grace: Healing & The Labyrinth

October 26th, 2002

Saturday Special Event

Rev. Trevor PotterFirst United Methodist ChurchJo Ann MastLabyrinth Facilitator, Business Development ConsultantThe morning workshop will focus on the history, meaning, and experience of the Labyrinth. Continue reading

Coming In/Going Out: Celebrating One’s Life

November 20th, 2002Lucien Wulsin, 87Gerontology Dept. Faculty, Naropa UniversitySharon Rose, M.A.DiscussantAs we advance in age and become aware of our inevitable death, we can begin to celebrate our life; to invite our community to celebrate with us, as it celebrated our birth. Lucien will share some of his personal journey as part of his presentation. Continue reading

Interface Community Dialogue: Baby Boomers – Caring for Our Parents

December 18th, 2002Katherine CampbellCommunity Resource Specialist, City of Boulder, Senior ServicesMarsha McClanahan, M.S., M.A., R.P.T.Geriatric Care Manager at Compassionate Care, Inc.What have we learned that can assist others? What resources have been helpful? How can we support each other? Continue reading

Non-Adversarial Communication: How To Speak & Listen From Your Heart

January 15th, 2003Arlene Brownell, Ph.D.President, Connection Partners, Inc., Boulder, COTom Bache-WiigVice President, Connection Partners, Inc., Boulder, COAre you tired of meeting the needs of others at your own emotional expense? Burned out from trying to reason with people who see each other as the enemy? Continue reading

The Path of Not-Knowing: The Role of Mystery in Spiritual Awakening

February 19th, 2003David Chernikoff, M.Div., LCSWDirector of Education and Training, Spiritual Eldering InstituteIn a culture that heavily emphasizes intellectual understanding and emotional control, the experience of "not knowing" can be confusing and unsettling. At the same time, what's true is that the most transformative experiences in our lives often lead us through uncharted realms of the heart and mind. Continue reading

The Essence of Living Sustainable Practical Ecological Lives

April 16th, 2003Robert Castellinoprofessional photographer, writer, publisherThe essence and power of living in the American West is inextricably tied to the vast, fragile and beautiful natural world that appears so close to us in Boulder and Colorado. Continue reading

Integrating Spirituality in Our Work: Spiritual Direction & Life Coaching

April 30th, 2003Tom Daly, Ph.D.Founder/Director of living Arts FoundationVie Thorgren, D.Min.Exec. Director, Vincentian Center for Spirituality & Work Continue reading

Animal Rites: Four legged Friends in Faith & Psychotherapy

May 21st, 2003Rev. Stan Adamson, D.Min.Pastor, St. Andrew Presbyterian ChurchLaurie Branch, M.A., Pastoral Counseling, L.P.C., CACIII, N.C.C.Learn how one congregation celebrates our interconnectedness with all of life in an annual "blessing of the animals," and how animals, particularly dogs, but also other species as well, can be therapeutic companions in the healing and wholeness journey. Continue reading

Grief Work, Grief Counseling, and Grief Therapy: How & Why They’re Different

June 18th, 2003Kim Mooney, B.A, C.D.E.Grief Services Manager, Hospice of Boulder CountySusan Hamburger Guthrie, Ph.D.Psychotherapist, Private Practice, BoulderAt what point does grief work require professional help? Continue reading

Responding to Socially Induced Suffering

July 16th, 2003Richard John KinaneHow do we respond to organized violence? Let us explore ways of nonviolently engaging institutions in a manner that combines human respect, a compassionate heart and effective action. Continue reading