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December 16, 2009
What Do You Do With the Body? Cremation, Burial and Other Methods of Disposition
Kirk Petersen, J.D., Colorado Licensed Attorney

Interface Host: Barry Erdman

About the Presentation:
Someone dies, yet the body remains. As a civilized society, we never just leave the body where it lies. We need to do something with it, something permanent. But what? Different societies have found different solutions to that question. This slide show (195 images) takes a wide-ranging tour through the world, looking at what happens to the body.
About the Presenter:
Kirk Petersen, J.D. is a native of Minnesota.  At college age, he left one cold state for another, Maine, where he attended Bowdoin College and received an A.B. in philosophy.  Then, with no career ambitions in mind, he decided to pursue his interest in climbing by moving to Boulder, Colorado.  After a few years of joyously playing in Boulder's backyard, he returned to Minnesota to attend law school.  After obtaining his law degree, he returned to Colorado and has remained here ever since.  For the last several years, Mr. Petersen's legal practice has been estate planning.

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