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November 18, 2009
Creating Calm & Trust in Our Children: Three Simple Tools
Kathy Kinskey, M.A., L.P.C., Licensed Psychotherapist, Host of Conscious Connections Talk Radio

Interface Host: Stephanie Bryan

About the Presentation:
This presentation will address:

1. Love vs. Fear in Early Nervous System Patterning for Relationship: in the developing nervous system of the fetus or baby, in the field of the family's nervous system, and in the collective field of consciousness of our culture. Will include an experiential exercise.

2. Daily Opportunities to Heal Where Fear Still Resides:

a. If we want to serve our children's highest happiness and potential, then Love calls us to heal where fear still resides in children, in the family, in each of the parents, and in the culture. If we think of Spirituality as that which serves a higher power, or a higher good, then healing with the individual, family, community and environment is not only a psychological venture, but a most profoundly Spiritual one.

b. Opportunities for healing our early nervous system patterning are revealed through examples of how we are already relating with love and connection, and where we still relate with entitlement, aggression or numbness and disregard.

c. Identifying and practicing 3 specific tools we can each use everyday to bring regulation and healing to every interaction in which we take part.

About the Presenter:
Kathy Kinskey, M.A., L.P.C. is a licensed professional counselor in private practice in Boulder, Colorado. She is also the founder of The Attachment & Bonding Network and host of Conscious Connections Talk Radio (CCTR). CCTR helps parents and all those who care for children, connect through inspiring interviews with respected family & child specialists from all over the world, for helpful, research-based information, support and resources.

Kathy holds a bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Marriage & Family Therapy. She has more than 24 years experience in working with children, adolescents, families, and adults, including work with community mental health centers (including 6 years as the early childhood specialist on two child and family teams), in-home therapy, adolescent day treatment, hospice, a domestic violence recovery program for women and their children, open adoption, and health and fitness work with children and adults.

Her area of expertise and passion is Strengthening Attachment between Parents and Children (most often through filial [family] play with their child in session, followed by parents receiving coaching based on the play after the sessions). Her expertise and passion also includes strengthening "Self-Attachment" within adults, thereby strengthening their ability to give and receive Love with more ease and peace and less frustration and fear. Strengthening adult "Self-Attachment" also allows adults a higher capacity to share/contribute their gifts and talents with the world.

Kathy's experience and ongoing professional development has been key for her specialized skill level. Ultimately, it is the blend of her specialized experience with her own real life parenting that has been most powerful in her development and ability to assist parents and all those who care for children.

Additional Resources:

P.O. Box 2304
Boulder CO 80306

[email protected]

1. Presentation outline: diagram of how trust (or distrust) patterns develop in the nervous system
2. Mirror Neurons: Why We Get What We Expect, Whether We are Conscious of those Expectations or Not
3. Why expressing feelings is so helpful for children (and adults)
4. Creating More Calm and Trust Within the Children in Our Lives and in Society: 3 Specific Tools for Healing early nervous system regulation patterning for relationships: Being an Influence for Healing with 3 Specific Tools.

Visit www.ConsciousConnectionsTalkRadio.com for digital audio downloads of interviews with experts all over the world on the topic of supporting nervous system regulation which allows Love, rest and joy rather than fear to lead in our relationships with children. Examples of topics include, "How Attachment & Trauma Issues Can Make Bedtime A Challenge and What You Can Do" and "Back to School Transitions & More: Awareness & Skills for Shifting Early Nervous System Imprints which Impact a Child's Present Response to Transition & Change."

Kathy's book, "Helping Your Child to have More Happiness & Success Through A Stronger Bond with You" is currently under revision and is expected to be available in the fall of 2009.

Copyrighted Articles (you may only use further with expressed and written permission by Kathy Kinskey)

"Benefits of Self or Emotional Regulation": www.kinskeytherapy.com/benefits.html

"Love vs. Fear" in Parenting":www.kinskeytherapy.com/articles_parents.htm#1

Email Kathy at [email protected] for list of recommended reading related to this topic.

Kathy also highly encourages you to visit the following website, which is a wonderful resource for this work: www.APPPAH.com (Association of Pre and Perinatal Psychology & Health)

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