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February 18th, 2009
The World (M)other Tour: Theatre for Empowering Women's Voices

Beth Osnes, Ph.D., Mothers Acting Up, University of Colorado Theatre Department

Interface Host: Laurie Branch

About the Presentation:
In this presentation/workshop Beth will talk about her work with Mothers Acting Up and Philanthropiece touring her theatre program, The World (M)other Tour, to locations all over the world, using theatre as a tool to empower women's voices to effectively advocate on behalf of the world's children. Beth will perform a short sample of her one-woman show and lead all through parts of the workshop that make up this program. As a scholar and practitioner of theatre, Beth Osnes is passionate about the potential of live performance and theatre to inspire and engage mothers and others to move from concern to action on behalf of our entire global family.
About the Presenter:
Beth Osnes is a professor of Theatre at the University of Colorado and co-founder of Mothers Acting Up- a movement to inspire and engage mothers to advocate on behalf of the world's children. She has published many books and articles on both theatre and mothering. She is currently touring her program The World (M)other Tour to cities in North America, Asia, and Africa. She has three kids, Peter, Melisande and Lerato with her husband, J.P.

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