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December 19th, 2007
For Heaven’s Sake: The Potential & Peril of Humanity’s Expansion into the Heavens
Cynda Collins Arsenault, M.ED., President, Secure World Foundation

Interface Host: Bill Semple

About the Presentation:

An informal talk on the work of the Secure World Foundation and why we have chosen to focus on the secure and sustainable use of space by helping to establish enforceable, law-based global systems for space security.  I hope to demonstrate a proactive way to think about and create the infrastructure of global governance that can help us create a world in which war is obsolete by the end of the century.

About the Presenter:

Cynda Collins Arsenault, President and co-founder, Secure World Foundation, www.swfound.org and the Arsenault Family Foundation.

Cynda and her husband, Marcel Arsenault. co-founded both foundations to work towards a secure world where war has become obsolete by the end of this century.  They are focusing currently on preserving the mandate for the peaceful use of outer space by developing new global systems for sustainable space.

Cynda has been active in grass roots organizing and community building since the 60’s serving on the Spokecouncil of the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center.   She is a proud member of Code Pink, WILPF, WAND, Women in Black and Mother’s Acting Up and believes that it is women who will help bring in a better world.  She was Coordinator for www.adopt-a-silo.org.  She has served as advisor and funder of the documentary, CONVICTION: U.S. v. Gilbert, Hudson and Platte, www.ztsp.org  , telling the story of the three nuns who served prison sentences for their activities related to protesting the presence of weapons of mass destruction in northeastern Colorado.

She has been involved for many years in promoting opportunities for people with developmental disabilities and has authored two books on this subject entitled:  Let’s Get Together: A Handbook in Support of Building Relationships Between Individuals with Developmental Disabilities and Their Community, and When Do I Get Some Time for Me?: A Parent’s ‘Make it Happen’ Handbook for Finding and Using Respite Care and Other Supports For Their Children and Youth with Special Needs.

She did her undergraduate work in sociology and psychology at University of California Berkeley, and earned her Masters degree in Community Education from Colorado State University.

Cynda lives in Superior, Colorado with her husband, Marcel, and has 2 adult children, Erin and John.