November 20th, 2002
COMING IN/GOING OUT: Celebrating One's Life
Lucien Wulsin,
87, Gerontology Dept. Faculty, Naropa University

Discussant: Sharon Rose, M.A.
Interface Host: Chuck Gaylord

About the Presentation:

COMING IN/GOING OUT: Celebrating One's Life
As we advance in age and become aware of our inevitable death, we can begin to celebrate our life; to invite our community to celebrate with us, as it celebrated our birth. Lucien will share some of his personal journey as part of his presentation.

About the Presenter:

Lucien Wulsin, is on the Naropa University faculty in the Gerontology Department where he teaches "Working with Elders in the Creative Process". Lucien turns 87 in September 2002.

Discussant: Sharon Rose, M.A. Transpersonal Counseling, works with individuals and groups on the issues of grief, ageing, and dying.

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