Friends in High Places

A bold New World awaits us
a spinning on this Earth,
an end to want and poverty
a time of happiness and mirth.

Abundant, free, non-polluting energy,
an end to hunger and disease,
the possibilities are endless
floating cars, if you please.

I have met with friends in high places
all this is possible you see,
It has already been given to us
and should be cause for much glee.

But there are those among us
who do not want these things to pass,
they would much rather
stick it to us in the Gas!

Our friends and neighbors we betray
their technology was given, stolen, taken,
all so these greedy people
huge profits could be makin.
(the relationship was adversely shaken)

Fossil fuels we keep on burning
our environment it is a cryin,
big money these people are making
while Mother Earth she is a dyin.

Minions of darkness
have caused us this plight,
the only weapon we have
is to expose them to the light.

Legions of covert workers
will then march out from their cave,
humanity will have to grow up
and learn how to behave.

There is a new Golden Age a coming
of that we can be sure,
we are working very hard
so you can stand the cure.

The Angels are on our side
that I truly suspect,
future generations untold
our actions will effect!

The world will get a lot bigger
when we all realize,
we are not alone in this universe
and see it with new eyes.

If we fix our problems
and do this as we should,
we then will be invited
to join the cosmic neighborhood!

We have friends in high places
they want us to succeed,
it is most important for us humans
to persevere in this momentous Deed.

You can certainly help us
in our epic quest,
join and work with us
if you can stand the tests!

A New Universe awaits us
a chance to visit many places,
an opportunity to meet new "people"
with many different faces.

New cultures, peoples, places
a much bigger view of creation,
a future to look forward to
with hope and great elation.

© 2000 Don Daniels

-Permission granted to copy only if not used for profit. -