December 19th, 2001
RESTORATIVE JUSTICE: It's About Repair...It's About Healing...It's About Time!
Beverly Title, Longmont Community Justice Partnership
David Claassen-Wilson, R.J. Program Coordinator, Colo. School Mediation Project, Boulder
Steve Goering, Co-Pastor, Boulder Mennonite Church, VORP Board President

Interface Host: Stephanie Bryan, LCSW

About Restorative Justice:

Drawing on the wisdom of peacemaking circles and the tribal courts of indigenous cultures, Restorative Justice seeks to repair the harm done by crime and wrong doing through face-to-face meetings between those who have been most impacted. This growing movement represents justice system agencies, community organizations, and faith communities around North America and abroad who are bringing together victims, affected communities, and offenders to repair the harm done by crime.

This session will highlight the values and principles of Restorative Justice, describe the practices being used in various settings, and discuss its implications for changing the way we view crime in our society.

Comparison Chart: Current Model of Justice vs. Restorative Justice Model

About the Presenters:

David Claassen-Wilson is Restorative Justice Coordinator for the Colorado School Mediation Project in Boulder and has been working to implement
Restorative Justice alternatives to traditional discipline in Colorado schools. David is formerly the Director of the Victim Offender Reconciliation Program in Boulder County.

Steve Goering has been co-pastor of the Boulder Mennonite Church with his wife Susan for the past 13 years. In 1992 members of Boulder Mennonite began the Victim Offender Reconciliation Program; one of the first Restorative Justice programs in Colorado. Steve is currently the President of the VORP Board of Directors and has served with this organization since its inception.

Beverly Title represents the Longmont Community Justice Partnership

Additional Resources:

David Claassen-Wilson
Restorative Justice Coordinator
Colorado School Mediation Project
2885 Aurora Ave. Suite 13
Boulder, CO. 80303
303-444-7671; 7247 (fax)
[email protected]

Beverly Title
Jean Gumas
Longmont Community Justice partnership
303 651-879

Steve Goering, pastor Boulder Mennonite Church
1520 Euclid Avenue
Boulder, CO 80302
(303) 443-3889
[email protected]

City of Boulder:
Loree Grego, Restorative Justice Program Cooreinator
Municipal Court
303 441-4039

Lafayette Police Department:
Lt. Mark Battersby
Brad Weisley
303 665-5571

Boulder County:
Teresa Spears
Sarah Kingsley
Victim Offender Reconciliation Program (VORP)
303 442-6040

Boulder County Sheriff's Department:
Summer Deaton
303 441-1751

Colorado Forum on Restorative Justice:
Ann Rogers
720 904-2322

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