Current Model of Justice vs. Restorative Justice Model

Traditional Model of Justice
Restorative Justice Model
Essentially a violation of the law and the state is the victim. Essentially a violation of (harm to) people and relationships. Such violations result in obligations.
Aim of justice:
To establish blame (guilt) and administer pain (punishment). To identify obligations, and to promote restoration or healing.
Process of Justice:
A conflict between adversaries in which offender is pitted against state, and rules and intentions outweigh outcomes. Involves victims, offenders and community in an effort to identify obligations and solutions, maximizing the exchange of information (dialogue, mutual agreement) between them.
Three central questions:
1. What laws were broken?
2. Who done it?
3. What do they deserve?

1. Who has been hurt by this event
2. What are their needs?
3. What are the obligations, and whose are they?